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The Moroccan Cooking

The Moroccan cooking has the reputation to be the most sophisticated of the Maghreb. It mix spices, flavours and colors. A cooking of feast and sun served with the smile and the generosity of people who made of the welcome a tradition.

Couscous is the most known for Moroccan specialities. Simple course, cooked traditionally on Fridays, it consists of a mixture of meats, vegetables and chickpeas, steamed semolina of wheat. There are about as many recipes as there are regions in Morocco.

Tagines are stews of meats, vegetables and tender fruits, coated with flowery spices. The name comes from the ceramic dish in which we simmer them steamed.

And even come salads, briouattes (meat fritters), kebabs, mechoui (lamb barbecue), harira (tomatoes soup) and the delicious small pastries with the flavors of the Orient.

Let’s not forget the tea with mint, the national drink of Morocco, which is drunk at any time of the day and is also the symbol of the conviviality and the hospitality of Moroccan people.